Cost of PM Modi's will shocked to know the price

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi is known for his liking for classy things. You must have read about his choice of costly clothes. But, you may not be know that he has a liking for costly pens too. The pen he uses is so costly, that even President Obama has never thought of buying it!

PM uses a special pen, as it is he has a hobby of  collecting pens. He has a special liking for fountain pens, as all renowned people do. When you think of buying a costly pen, you would at maximum think of spending few hundreds, but the cost of pen that PM Modi uses runs into lakhs. It is said about pen collectors that they develop an emotional bonding with the pens that are used to. PM is no different.

He uses a Montblanc pen which costs around Rs 1.3 lakh  in india. Of the pen he collects and uses Montblanc remains his favourite. (News24Bureau)