Crazy Sumit! Cops hunt for the prankster who kisses girls and flees

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Saturday assured of action against a molester, who flees away after kissing random girls on Delhi streets and later posts videos of the 'prank' on social websites.

"We have started the inquiry into the matter. We have also started working on the technical aspects of the case, like contacting the service provider," Joint Commissioner of Police Deependra Pathak told media here. The Joint Commissioner urged female victims to step forward and register a complaint against such molesters so that strict action could be taken against them.

In the video that has gone viral, the boy in white shirt, is seen approaching women or couples where he intentionally sprays something on the face of person who is present with the girl and plants a kiss on the girl's cheeks. A few hours after the kissing video went viral, the youtuber uploaded another video apologising for his behaviour, apparently fearing legal action. The objectionable video was removed when police reported to YouTube.

Police are tracking the IP address through which the video was uploaded. They will also seek Google's help to identify the uploader. The other handles that shared the videos are also being scanned.

According to police, case will be filed against the prankster, additional to obscenity charges. The YouTube channel name 'The Crazy Sumit' has received more than one lakh subscriptions. The youth also used Facebook and Twitter to share his videos.