Cybercrime worskshop organised by Ghaziabad police

Ghaziabad:  A workshop on cyber crime was organized by police on Saturday. Speaking on the occasion, Senior Superintendent of Police K.S. Emmanuel said that the sharp increase in the cyber crime is a matter of concern, and as NCR cities are soft targets for cyber criminals and police disability on inefficient cyber cell is the main snag in tackling them. Specialist Sunil Gupta, from Lucknow gave a detailed presentation covering over 14 subjects including introduction, nature and different kinds of cyber crimes. Focussing on the components of cyber crime, information gathering, email fraud and their investigation, he also dwelt upon social media cases, bank frauds investigation with case studies, website hacking case studies, IP address tracking and bogus and fake websites. The two-day lectures include pornography cases and their investigation, defamation cases, illegal content posting and Whatsapp tracking script. There are 109 points in 14 subjects where investigator had to concentrate on investigation. "I am sure after attending the two days workshop, the police team handling cyber crime would be able to control IT cases efficiently," added the SSP, noting that over a 100 police officers from across the district participated in the workshop.