Dadri lynching: Meat in Akhlaq’s freezer was beef, claims new report

New Delhi: Eight months after the unfortunate lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq by a mob in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri over rumours that he had kept beef in his house, a new forensic report claims that the meat in his freezer was that of “a cow or its progeny”.


An earlier report, which was conducted in a lab in Dadri amidst brouhaha of the several political groups, suggested that the meat recovered from his freezer belonged to an animal of "goat progeny".


However, when the samples of meat from Akhlaq’s freezer were sent for a final analysis to a government lab, the result said otherwise — it was beef, the report claimed.


Meanwhile, reacting to the report was Akhlaq’s brother Chand Mohammad. He dismissed the new report as an attempt to “politicising the issue”. “Dadri police said the meat wasn’t beef. Now you’re saying it was beef. Which one is correct? People are politicising the issue. This is another attempt to insult my brother," he claimed.


On September 28, 2015, 50-year-old Akhlaq was beaten to death by a mob in Dadri over alleged rumours that he had kept beef in his house. His son Mohammad Danish also suffered serious injuries in the attack.


Edited by Mayank Mohanti

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