Date booked for Kapil Dev Biopic!

Ranveer Singh will soon be seen bowling us away with yet another enthralling portrayal ( we can sure expect it because he's been consistent and convincing in his previous films) of ace cricketer Kapil Dev in his biopic ‘’83’. 


The film has been booked for August 30, 2019.  The film will be helmed by Kabir Khan, known as a passionate and patriotic filmmaker. He believes in bringing the world together through empathy and unity through his movies. So this movie might evoke emotions of oneness and brotherhood in India. 

Interestingly members of the original 1983 squad will be training Ranveer Singh for the film.“The entire team will have to undergo some prep work. There will be a boot camp where they all will be trained for (playing) cricket. "Members of the 1983 World Cup squad will be helping us, they will be there as consultants and coaches for the team. It will begin next year," Kabir Khan mentioned to a leading daily. 

Sports biopics aren't just inspirational but it awakens and joins us a nation as we relive those life-changing moments.