Daughter' death left Bob Geldof contemplating suicide

Los Angeles: Singer Bob Geldof says he considered suicide after the death of his daughter Peaches. The 64-year-old was left devastated following the death of the TV presenter, who died from a drugs overdose in 2014 at the age of 25, and while in mourning he started to make lists of the "upsides" and "downsides" of being alive, but a phone conversation with a friend ultimately saved him, reports mirror.co.uk. “I'd make lists and keep working at the writing of those lists until the upside overwhelmed the downside. In my case I wrote down, 'What's the upside of being alive?' and 'What's the downside of it?' Was it ever really serious? Overall, no. In that moment, though, perhaps it was,” Geldof told Sunday Independent. “I had the sanity, luckily, to phone a friend and tell him, 'Look I think I'm just starting to get rationally irrational.' He almost slapped my face (with his tone) and said, 'Don't do anything f*****g stupid, stay exactly where you are' and came around very quickly. People talk you through these things,” he added.