'Dead' BJP MP speaks about her death rumour in Lok Sabha

Image Credit: Lok Sabha Tv  New DelhiLok Sabha witnessed a bizarre revelation on Wednesday. BJP MP Anju Bala brought up the issue of her identity crisis during the Zero hour Debate in the Lok Sabha. According to her, Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, pronounced her as dead.  Not just dead, it even forged some of her private details. She is married to Krishna Kumar Singh alias Satish Verma. However, the online portal has stated that she married twice that too, to two different individuals.  Anju Bala was oblivious of this information until her secretary received a call from someone who inquired about the event wherein Anju Bala recited poetry. Since the internet declared her 'dead' on March 3, the caller was inquisitive to know the date of the event and presumed that event took place long time back. While death hoaxes are common among public figures, the information regarding her husband disturbed her the most. She further went on term this as character assassination. She felt her character was being subjected to public gaze with farce facts.  She strongly reacted to this incident and sought an immediate response to put the culprits behind bars.