Deepika reveals her wedding look.. Watch video

New Delhi, Feb 5: No one pull off the royalty better than sultry Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. Deepika in her latest photoshoot for celebrity designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, has proved once again why she is a born diva and queen.

Sharing an elgant picture of the almond-eyed diva on Instagram, Sabyasachi expressed his love and obsession for the time-drenched alleys of North Calcutta, which he described as ‘Paradise lost’.

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Sabyasachi wrote, “The homes of North Calcutta always fascinate me. Through winding lanes and decrepit alleys, one often stumbles upon ‘Paradise lost’. Humble tea stalls, crumbling book binding factories and dingy mustard oil presseries make way for forlorn palaces and music rooms of erstwhile ‘zamindars’. A lesson in sheer hedonistic maximalism.

See video below: 


If you grew up in Bengal at the time I was growing up, sometime between late seventies and early eighties, you would know that the consumer was the designer. I spent hours watching my mother and her friends stretching organdy sarees over hand frames and hand painting exotic blooms on them. More often than not, they would match the blooms in their sarees to the real blooms on their hair. Talk about style! This is my homage to them. My mother and all her Bengal art school friends. What they lacked in terms of resources, they always over compensated with imagination. That is the true art of dressing well and good housekeeping! Video Courtesy: Sabyasachi #Sabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi #TheSabyasachiArtFoundation #DeepikaPadukone #AsianPaints #Nilaya #SabyasaschixAsianPaints #SabyasachiForNilaya @worldofnilaya @asianpaints @deepikapadukone

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