Delna Poonawala to showcase at London Fashion Week

Mumbai: Designer Delna Poonawala will showcase at the upcoming London Fashion Week her collection 'Dark Mistress' which brings elements of goth and drama together with a touch of mystery.

The fashion gala will be held from September 15-20. And Poonawala will be showcasing her collection on September 17, read a statement. 

Poonawalla, known for her enchanting and feminine designs, has portrayed soft, sculptural yet a dramatic look in the new line. 

Dark Mistress has ensembles in blood red, with seductive cuts wrapped in shades of midnight blue. 

The collection moves away from demure and focuses on fierce romance. Bold, structured gowns in intense colours dominates the collection.

French-inspired voluminous tassels made from leather, velvet and lace detailing add to the theatrics of each piece.