Design Diaries: An inclusive kitchen!


Kitchens these days have smart storage solutions, organized cabinets, loaded with all the appliances and everything you need within reach. 

However, a big trend, and also its been around for quite sometime is to have an included dining table in the kitchen, such as the one in the picture below. 

Its quite a common feature in the West and it just infuses life into the kitchen. Again, everything is within reach. You can bask in the aromas as your favourite dish is warming up in the microwave or your rotis are being flipped around just before being plopped onto your plate. The big build-up to the climax. This way, the host can be a part of the conversations and can also concentrate on the food. 

The spotlights also make it a more informal and intimate setting. The flowers and the plants around the window bring you closer to nature.