Design Week to showcase home of well-travelled urban Indian

New Delhi, July 14  (IANS) BoConcept, a Danish  designer company for interior and decor products, in association with  DAG Modern, Bang & Olufsen and Klove Studio presents Design Week, a  platform for like-minded but unique brands to collaborate and showcase  their products.The Design Week will be held from July 22 to July 30 at the BoConcept store located here."The  Design Week is going to showcase the home of the well-travelled urban  Indian. An Indian, who is aware of international trends and designs and  wants his home to reflect his personality," Navin Khanna, Director, said  in a statement.With the Design Week, the company has created a  platform for brands to collaborate and showcase their products to a  combined target audience.The concept of the Design Week is to  view products of these brands in a different surrounding giving  inspiration to the audience to make the most out of their spaces."Design  Week will act as the ideal platform where they can experience works of a  modern artist from DAG in a Scandinavian modern setting by BoConcept,  where Bang and Olufsen makes music sound and look beautiful, striking  and dramatic installations by Klove Studio all under one roof for the  very first time," Khanna added.