DIAMONDS are CHEAPER than onions..Buy it now, here's how

New Delhi:In a first of its kind case, Diamond SIP is starting in India. This may well be the first unique innovation in the world. It is time to cheer-up for all Indians; for all those who thought that buying a glittery diamond is beyond their means, here comes a great news. Now you can be a proud owner of a sparkling diamond. All you have to do is just invest Rs 900 a month for two and a half years and you become the proud owner of a diamond.

Till now only gold and mutual funds were bought through the SIP route.Diamond SIP is the first of its kind. All that the buyer has to do is open an account on the ICEX through a broker. After that you should complete your Know-Your-Clint process and then deposit some money with the broker. The buyer has to tell the broker the exact time and date when he wants to buy the diamond in electronic form.