Did Deepika pose nude, pic goes viral!


Pancham Saude, New Delhi: In the time of the fake news, it is very tough to distinguish between real and fake news, sometimes even govt ministers to well-known publishing house publish fake news without verifying its authenticity. So just imagine what would a common do when he reads a fake news, he/she will simply believe as they might don't have the time to verify it.

Recently a picture of Deepika Padukone featuring for a well-known fashion magazine Maxim went viral. Going by the picture, Deepika was hiding her modesty with the help of a male model, wrapped around the man. In the picture Deepika is seen revealing her curvy bosoms for the camera, the Padmavati actress seems to be flaunting her bare booty and long toned legs while she hugs the male model.  

The hot bold avatar of Deepika totally supported its caption which read, "Deepika Padukone, how to thrive in a male dominated industry". Some other articles read, international wardrobe malfunction and The Great Battle of Cleavage, among others.

But after verifying it was reported fake, it was only Deepika Padukone's face, whereas the body was not hers. The designer had merely morphed Deepika's face on the nude body and made up a bogus cover.

Whereas real Maxim cover featuring Deepika altogether told a different story. 


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