Difficult to find someone to handle your sucess: Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, reportedly  dating her Padmavati co-star, Ranveer Singh for three years, says it is quite hard to find a person secure enough to handle their star partner’s success.


Talking about losing many personal relationships on her nine-year journey to success in Bollywood, the actor says,


“Some of my personal relationships have become stronger with time but I have seen some of my friends, who have distanced themselves from me. Some of my school friends have become much closer than before because we all make efforts to stay in touch.



“A lot of people could not handle the success that came my way and sort of disconnected. I am not upset about it. That’s just the way life goes. People who are closest to you and matter understand.”


Well, Deeps - Ranbir seems quite smitten as at every event you guys are together, he's pretty much falling all over you or has his eyes fixated on you, here are some pics to prove it: