Difficult to sustain in this cut-throat industry: Hriday Gattani

Mumbai: Singer Hriday Gattani, who made his debut with A.R. Rahman in "Lekar Hum Deewana Dil", says it is difficult for singers to sustain in the film industry.

"It is difficult for singers to sustain because there are so many singers coming up and there are so many voices who can replace you tomorrow. There is a new texture in every voice and every day there are new voices coming up so it is very difficult to sustain in this cut-throat industry," Gattani said

However, he feels that competition is good as it it helps in working hard.

"It's good also in a way because there is more variety, more music. You will also keep yourself up in the game and work harder and do better work," he added.

Gattani says that since his father has been in this industry producing musical events, it made it easier for him to get access to musicians.

"I don't have a direct connection as such but my dad has been in this industry for quite long. He has an event management company and has been producing and directing musical events," he said.

"Yes, it was easier for me to get into this industry considering my father was here. I do believe the access and the exposure wouldn't have been possible without my father. It has become way easier for me compared to others," he added.

Gattani has recently sung the song "Udan Choo" from "Banjoo" which has hit the charts and he says he is enjoying the success.

"I am glad everybody is living this song it's the biggest reward for any singer if his song is being appreciated," he said.