Disappointed With Kejriwal: Anna Hazare

Veteran social activist and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's mentor Anna Hazare has said that Kejriwal has not lived upto his expectation. Hazare said that he had high hopes of clean politics from Aaam Aadmi Party (AAP), but a series of allegations against AAP ministers in Delhi have come as a huge disappointment. "I am sad," Hazare added. Hazare said that he had warned Kejriwal about that reputation of AAP will depend on the character of AAP members, so be very careful while choosing party members. ``He ignored my advice, and today situation is taking a turn that I had warned him about," Hazare said. The veteran activist said he had hoped that Arvind will write a new chapter in Indian politics, which everybody else will be forced to follow, sadly that has not happened. "Arvind had authored a book on Gram Swaraj with me, is this gram swaraj," asks a disappointed Anna Hazare

Words: Shankarm Tiwari