Do not trust pre-poll surveys on TV news channels: Kejriwal

Benaulim (Goa): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday asked AAP voters in Goa not to trust pre-poll surveys on TV news channels and urged people to ensure that anti-BJP votes are not split in the forthcoming state legislative assembly elections.

"Yesterday, I was watching a TV channel which said, in Goa, we will win two seats, which means how many seats will we really get? 28. Tell your friends and neighbours not to trust TV channels. They show lies and 'bakwas' (nonsense)," Kejriwal told a public meeting at Benaulim assembly constituency in South Goa.

"When our government was formed in 2013 (in Delhi), TV channels said the AAP will get two seats. We eventually got 28 seats. In 2015, TV channels said the AAP will win 18 seats we got 67 seats," the AAP co-founder said.

Kejriwal said that the important thing for poll-bound Goa was to ensure that there is no split in the anti-BJP vote.

"Don't let the votes split. Congress people will also come to you. There is nothing left of the Congress (in Goa)," he said, adding that people should vote for the AAP to vent their ire against the ruling BJP, its leaders and policies.

"Don't let the vote split. If you vote for the Congress, the BJP will win. Your anger against the BJP, against demonetisation, against (Chief Minister Laxmikant) Parsekar, against (Defence Minister Manohar) Parrikar, it will not be of any help (if the votes split)," he said.

A keen contest is on the cards during the February 4 state assembly elections in Goa, with the key players being the BJP, Congress, AAP and other regional political outfits.

Kejriwal criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, claiming the policy had resulted in loss of jobs and a big jolt to small businesses.

"PM with notebandi has created large-scale unemployment. Businesses and stores are closed. Hotels closed during peak time. People do not have food at home. People are frustrated with the BJP," Kejriwal said.

The Delhi Chief Minister also reiterated the party's promise to provide 50,000 jobs as well as doubling of existing doles for unemployed youth and housewives if elected to power.