Do this for Good Luck during Navratri!

New Delhi, Sep 20: Navratri is the most auspicious celebration concerning Devi Maa. In 'Shaktam', one of the practices of attaining 'moksha' and 'mukti' is through Goddess puja during Navaratri.

As every day of Navratri is dedicated to one of goddess Durga avatars. Each day you can offer different worship materials to please goddess Durga. 

Here are the simple tips that can be performed by everyone:

- Offer ghee on Durga's idol to avoid any evil on the first day of Navratri.

- Offer sugar on the second day for long life.

- Offer milk on the third day for avoiding difficulties from your life.

- Offer malpua for good luck on day 4.

-Banana for prosperity on day 5.

-Offer honey to please goddess Laxmi as the sixth day dedicated to her.

-Jaggery on 'Saptami' for fulfilling any wish.

-Offer coconut on Ashtami for prosperity in home.

-To earn name and fame offer a different kind of grain and wheat to Durga, on Navami.