Don Dawood's father was in Police.. know more about his family!

New Delhi, Sept 19: King of crime line, Dawood Ibrahim, who is popularly also known as 'Dawood Bhai' and 'Bhai' has been dominating the world of terrorism and crime since a year. These powerful acts have been shaking for the entire nation, not leaving out other countries. Originally from Dongri in Mumbai, Dawood has vividly left no patch of his presence since the 1980s and is yet to be found. 

What leaves one gasping is knowing that his father, Ibrahim Kaskar has worked as a head constable with the Mumbai Police. On the other hand, mother, Amina remained a housewife. 

While he dropped out of school, he gradually came in touch with the gang of the mobster, Haji Masta, and formed the D-company with brother, Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar.

A mastermind, Ibrahim is mostly known to be solely responsible in planning and plotting the bombings in March in Bombay in 1993. It was in 2003 that Inidna and the United States governments declared Ibrahim a 'Global Terrorist' and it comes as no surprise that Dawood is currently on India's 'Most Wanted List'.

In 2006, Ibrahim's daughter, Mahrukh Ibrahim, married Junaid Miandad, the son of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad. In 2011, his daughter Mehreen, 24, married Ayub, a Pakistani-American. His son Moin married Saniya, daughter of a London-based businessman on 25 September 2011. Several of his family members, including his brother, Iqbal Kaskar, live in Mumbai.