Don't miss..Latest iPhone in just Rs 27,000, check it out

New Delhi: This is a news for all iPhone fans. If you are planning to buy a latest iPhone, then there is some good news for you. There is a place where you will get the iPhone at throwaway price. in fact the prices are such that that you will be shocked. We must tell you, that  the iPhone is many things, but it’s certainly not cheap. 

The iPhone comes cheap if you were to buy one from Angola, Africa, Here you  get the latest iPhone at  the cheapest price in the world. In fact for just Rs 27,300.

This is according to the Technology Price Index, a comparative report of prices of tech products globally, compiled by Linio, the Rocket Internet-owned online retailer. In compiling the report, Linio measured the cost of different iPhone models in 72 countries “without the cost of phone service, in all online providers for the country, as well as at least four biggest retailers in the country’s five largest cities.”

After Angola, where you can get an iPhone for US $401.4, the next best places to buy an iPhone are Japan, China, Finland and UAE where the iPhone is priced at US $413.58, $470.74, $475.94, $498.25. India features at the #6 spot behind UAE, where the average price of an iPhone is US $505.25 or Rs 34,320, according to the Linio Technology Price Index.

Despite being home to cheap iPhones, Angola’s capital city, Luanda, remains one of the world’s most expensive cities. With high living costs, Luanda ranked top of Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey—an analysis which covered 211 cities across five continents—in 2013 and 2014.