Drought dominates Maharashtra's Budget Session

Mumbai: Maharashtra is struck by a massive drought that has crippled the life of farmers. The drought has hit 14,708 villages, causing the helpless villagers to abandon their land. The lack of rains in the state has forced many farmers to either migrate or take the extreme step in life. 
In 2015, the National Crime Records Bureau of India recorded the highest farmer suicides in Maharashtra, with a figure amounting to 3,228. This is the highest that the state has ever recorded, since 2001.
As a matter of fact, Maharashtra has recorded 57 deaths in 2016 itself due to agrarian reasons. However the government has not addressed this issue, in spite of the alarming rise in the number of suicides.   
Instead, the government in the budget session began to discuss the developments and the issue of dance bar licenses in the state. However, before the Governor C Vidyasagar Rao could begin with his speech revolving around the significant developments undertaken by the BJP government to enhance the growth of the state, the opposition Congress and the NCP members fought to address the plight of the green cultivators.
They felt that the licensing of the dance bars could be put on hold so that the issues of the farmers are addressed first. Hence, they threw light on this grave issue.  
After they demanded waivers for the farmers, they began to criticize the government for its inability to curb the rising number of suicides committed by farmers.