Earth will start boiling soon, even ACs may not work

New York: Global temperature is likely to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius by 2100, two different studies have revealed. This rise in temperature is the ominous conclusion reached by the studies using entirely different methods published in the journal Nature Climate Change on Monday, reports CNN. One study used statistical analysis to show that there is a 95 per cent chance that Earth will warm more than 2 degrees at the century's end, and a 1 per cent chance that it would be below 1.5 degrees. "Our model is based on data which already show the effect of existing emission mitigation policies. Achieving the goal of less than 1.5 degrees Celsius warming will require carbon intensity to decline much faster than in the recent past," said Adrian Raftery, author of the first study. The second study analysed past emissions of greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels to show that even if humans suddenly stopped burning fossil fuels now, Earth will continue to heat up about two more degrees by 2100. It also concluded that if emissions continue for 15 more years, which is more likely than a sudden stop, Earth's global temperature could rise as much as 3 degrees, CNN reported. The 2 degree mark was set by the 2016 Paris Agreement. If we surpass that mark, it has been estimated that life on Earth will change with rising seas, mass extinctions, super droughts, increased wildfires, intense hurricanes, decreased crops and fresh water along with the melting of the Arctic. According to the World Health Organisation, 12.6 million people die globally due to pollution, extreme weather and climate-related disease. Climate change between 2030 and 2050 is expected to cause 250,000 additional global deaths. IANS