Easter eggs: some cool ways to prepare them

Easter eggs are the chocolate eggs that one receives during Easter or what we call it as Good Friday. Although, initially the Easter eggs used to be the eggs of chicken, however, with time, chocolate eggs overtook the tradition and replaced the chicken eggs. Easter eggs hold a lot of significance in Christianity. It symbolizes the empty tomb of Jesus. It reminds the Christians about the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and hence, those who believe in it will experience eternal life. This is contrary to the actual symbolism that denotes fertility. There are several ways to make an Easter egg. Although the ingredients of the dish will be more or less the same, however one can improvise on the presentation to make it more appealing. Some of them are discussed below:    - ·         Put butter and sugar in a bowl and whip till the batter    becomes light and fluffy    - ·         Add the cream and the vanilla essence and keep mixing till    the batter becomes thick    - ·         Break an egg into half and remover the yolk from inside    - ·         Like you make a roti, roll the dough to a reasonable    thickness and fill it around the egg mould    - ·         Refrigerate the half eggs Now you have half eggs prepared. You can either serve it as half or combine two halves to make on whole.    - ·         Take sugar, butter, cream and vanilla extract and mix then    till they are doughy and nice.    - ·         Make egg like moulds of the batter made with the help of egg    moulds. Just fill the batter into the moulds    - ·         Refrigerate them so that they harden up    - ·         Prepare a chololate batter by mixing chocolate and milk.    Ensure its thick    - ·         Once the eggs are refrigerated, Take them out and add a    layer of the chocolate batter prepared. Make sure the batter is a little    heated    - ·         As soon as you add the layer, sprinkle it with colourful    candies and put it for refrigeration again.        Serve it when it’s properly refrigerated    - ·         Prepare a batter out of cream, vanilla extract, sugar and    butter. Whip it till it’s fluffy.    - ·         Clean the egg moulds available from the market. Clean it    before using it    - ·         Use cocoa powder to chocolate syrup another batter. Add milk    and cocoa powder, but ensure its neither too thick nor too liquid    - ·         Fill the moulds with the batter and refrigerate it    - ·         Open the moulds and remove the egg.    - ·         Make designs from the chocolate syrup on the inside of the    mould    - ·         Put the egg back in the mould and set it for refrigeration Open the mould when it has to be served. It will be imbibed with designs that one had made on the inside of the mould. Mostly eggs are white chocolate eggs. Although you can make a chocolate egg    - ·         Mix sugar and butter and whip it nicely till it’s even    - ·         Add cream, sugar and cocoa powder and mix it well to make a    doughy batter    - ·         Once the batter is prepared, put in the mould and put it in    the fridge    - ·         When it when it has to be served You can decorate it with bows and little candies while serving

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