PM tells EC to pressure political parties to bring transparency

Kanpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged the Election Commission to pressure political parties to create transparency over the donations they get.

Addressing a rally here, Modi said he had told opposition members ahead of the just ended Parliament session to debate the issue of donations and of holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and assembly elections.

"I urged all leaders that the country expects honesty. There is mistrust against political parties. So it is our responsibility to make people believe in our honesty," Modi said.

"I said discuss how political parties should get donation," he said.

"But they did not let Parliament function because they did not want to debate the issue.

"I urge the Election Commission to take it forward, create pressure on parties... Our government will implement whatever decision is in favour of the nation," Modi said.

The Prime Minister insisted that his government had made no changes in laws related to donations to political parties.