Eid ul Adha: It's all about sacrifice

New Delhi: Eid ul Adha is referred to as the big Eid in many Muslim countries. The reason is understandable- the festival has its origin in the biggest possible sacrifice. 
Eid ul Adha  has its origin in the story of  Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. He was commanded by God to sacrifice something which he loved the most- his son. Without any hesitation he agreed.   
Prophet Ibrahim was commanded by God to sacrifice the thing that was dearest to him: his son. His son told him to ahead and do what God had commanded. But when Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son, God replace son with a ram. God was testing him, and Prophet Ibrahim passed the test.  
Prophet Ibrahim didn’t hesitate at this command, and set out to obey it.
Till this date Muslim honour Prophet Ibrahim with the tradition of sacrifice by sacrificing goats, lambs, camels, sheep etc.    
As per the tradition, the meat of the sacrificed animal is divided in three parts
- One is shared with family, friends and neighbours 
- One part is distributed among poor
- One part is consumed by the person who makes the sacrifice and immediate family
Eid menus of many Muslims includes a sacrificial meat dish.