Emergency declared in US city as unrest continues

Washington, Sep 22: Authorities have declared a state of emergency in a US city as protests against the police continued after a African-American man was shot dead.

Following a second consecutive day of protests, North Carolina state Governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday night declared a state of emergency in the city of Charlotte and ordered the deployment of the National Guard and traffic police as reinforcements for the local police.

A person who was earlier declared dead from the impact of bullets during racial protests in the city was on life support and in critical condition, EFE news reported.

"Civilian who suffered gunshot wound during protests is on life support, critical condition. Not deceased," the North Carolina city wrote on its official Twitter account.

The city also said the bullet was fired "by civilian on civilian" violence and not by the police.

"We cannot tolerate violence,(...) we will not tolerate the attacks against our police officers," McCrory told the media.

Meanwhile, clashes between dozens of demonstrators and the police continued.

The protests on Tuesday began after a police official killed African-American Keith Lamonth Scott, 43, who, according to the police, was armed.

However, Scott's family denied the police claims and said he was waiting to pick up his son from school and was holding a book, not a gun.