Ex-Pak soldier planning terror attacks in India: Intel agencies

New Delhi: Delhi, Punjab and Assam have been put on high alert after security agencies warned that terrorists could strike India on Holi.

A group of six-terrorists led by a former Pakistani soldier have gained into India through Punjab with the intention of carrying out terror attacks in "hotels and hospitals" in the national capital during Holi, the alert warned.

According reports, in a communication central security agencies said that Mohammad Khurshid Alam alias Jahangir, an ex-military personnel of Pakistan Army, who had worked as a recruiter, coordinator and guide of Jehadi elements in Assam, had crossed over to India from Pakistan through the Indo-Pak border in Pathankot on February 26 along with six hardcore terrorists.

The agencies said Alam had visited a madrasa in Barpeta district in Assam in September 2015. He had stayed in the madrasa for five days and thereafter left for Chirang district, bordering Bhutan.

Though the Indo-Pak border is fenced in Punjab, there are gaps in Pathankot due to the Ravi river entering Pakistan from India.

Earlier, 6 terrorists, who had sneaked into the country from Indo-Pak border in Punjab, had attacked Indian Air Force base in Pathankot during the intervening night of January 1 and 2. Seven soldiers were killed fighting the terrorists in an operation that lasted four days.

News24 Bureau