Existing air fare, travel rules and new proposals

New Delhi:Following are the existing policies of domestic airlines on various passenger services, notably in areas like refunds, and the proposals the Civil Aviation Ministry has come out with to recast them: Existing: Refund, in cases where tickets booked through travel agents, is left to such agencies and passengers. Proposed: Onus of the refund must be with the airline and ought to be done within 15 working days in case of domestic travel and 30 working days in case of international travel. Existing: Airlines shall return all passenger service charges collected upon cancellation. Proposed: Airlines shall refund all statutory taxes and user development and airport development fee. Existing: No express provision for a refund on tickets sold as promos or as non-refundable basic fare. Proposed: Penalty on no-shows and cancellations cannot exceed the basic fare and all taxes and fee shall have to be refunded. Existing: No mention of what the quantum of penalty can be upon cancellation and no-shows. Proposed: Cancellation charges cannot be more than the basic fare and no additional charges can be levied to process refunds. Existing: Financial compensation for denied boarding and subsequent arrangement - Rs 2,000 or value of the ticket for up to one hour; Rs 3,000 or value of the ticket for over one hour and up to two hours; Rs 4,000 or value of the ticket for more than two hours.  Proposed: Financial compensation for denied boarding and subsequent arrangement - no compensation if alternate flight is arranged within one hour; 200 percent of booked basic fare plus fuel charge subject to a maximum of Rs 10,000 if flight arranged within 24 hours; and 400 percent of booked basic fare plus airline fuel charge, subject to a maximum of Rs 20,000 if flight arranged beyond 24 hours. Same applies if passenger declines alternative flight. Existing: In order to minimize "no shows" by passengers appropriate penalty is allowed. Proposed: Provision to be deleted to ensure "no show" passengers get a refund in accordance with the provisions for cancellations. Existing: No provision regarding facilitating persons with disabilities at ill-equipped airports. Proposed: Airports where ambulant or aerobridge is not available, provision must be made for towable ramp by the airport operator. Existing: Most of the scheduled domestic airlines provide free checked-in baggage allowance up to 15 kg after which the charges are Rs 300 per kg. Proposed: Airlines will be asked to keep variable checked-in baggage fare between 15-20 kg at a maximum of Rs 100 per kg.