Exposed..Know a little more about personal life of Donald Trump's wife

Washington: After Michelle Obama, The US will be getting its new first lady. Despite of scrutiny for Donald Trump, people surprisingly know a little less about his wife, Melania.

-People have been questioning why Melania did not campaign with her husband across the country, as past wives have done. Well the reason can be the disastrous speech at Republican National Convention by Melania last year that was found out to be plagiarised from First Lady Michelle Obama.

-Melania is the 'First third wife to take up residence in the White House'.

-Melania refused to give Trump her number when they first met at a party in New York in 1998.

-Bill and Hillary Clinton were among the 350 guests when Melania and Donald tied the knot at Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

-She grew up in communist Yugoslavia and speaks five languages i.e. Slovene, English, French, Serbian and German. She can be handy at White House functions, but due to her thick accent she makes few public appearance alongside her husband.

-Her native Slovenia wants to help the US's relationship with Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who rarely makes trips to western states, has visited Slovenia twice and the two nations have a comfortable relationship with one another.

-She has a secret half-brother. Melania's father, fathered a secret son before marrying Melania's mother.

-She is the only first lady to have posed nude.

-She is the least popular presidential spouse since Hillary.

-She is raising her 10-year-old son as 'Little Donald' He loves wearing a suit and tie and playing golf with his dad and loves bossing around. Reportedly he has fired 10 nannies and housekeepers.

-After Melania's announcement of staying in New York City until her son Barron finishes school, there has been speculation that Donald's daughter Ivanka Trump may take her place as the acting first lady of the United States until Melania moves to Washington.