'Eye make-up causing vision problems in young women'

New Delhi, July 12  (IANS) Meibomian gland dysfunction  -- also known as dry eye syndrome -- is on the rise among women due to  excess make-up of the eyes. Though not taken seriously, the condition  leads to blepharitis, extreme blurred vision, said doctors.Latest  medical cases revealed that though MGD until now was seen due to  ageing, now the trend has changed and it is occurring among young women  as well."The changing trend of make-ups causing MGD is  dangerous. Eyeliner and other make-up usually clog the meibomian glands  leading to formation of painless lumps in the eyelids hence obstructing  the vision," said Mahipal Sachdev, Director, Centre for Sight, a chain  of eye centres in North India.Elaborating on the condition,  Sachadev, who often sees young women with MGD says that the meibomian  produce oils that prevent the tears from evaporating quickly. Whenever  the glands do not function properly, the blockage in the gland restricts  it from producing oil."The oil may sometimes thicken leading  to cause benign lumps in the eyelids known as chalazion. MGD is the most  known and leading cause of dry eye syndrome, blepharitis and in extreme  cases loss of vision," said Sachdev.Medical Sciences says that  there are around 40 such glands that produce oil that flows out of the  eyes as tears to keep the eyes moistened. Thickening of this oil  restricts its flow causing accumulation and blockage, forming a lump in  the eyelid. A blocked oil gland causes this condition of red swollen  eyelids."Around 40 per cent of the women with high usage of eye  make-up products tend to get affected with oil gland blockages.  Parabens and yellow wax used in mascara and eyeliners to stiffen them to  make it waterproof are the same chemicals that also clog the oil glands  leading to MGD, chalazion, dry eye syndrome and blepharitis," Parul  Sony, senior consultant and director of Gurgram's Complete Eye Care.Stating  that anti-ageing eye creams contain retinoids that has also been linked  to thickening and degeneration, Sony said that such make-ups kill the  blood cells in the meibomian gland ducts.A study by Canada's  University of Waterloo said people who apply eyeliner on the inner  eyelid run the risk of contaminating the eye and causing vision trouble.