Facebook's Account Kit solution gains popularity globally

New Delhi: Social media giant Facebook's Account Kit -- a solution that helps users quickly authenticate people and create accounts to help grow an app's audience -- has seen a global growth. According to Facebook, Account Kit has been implemented by developers across 26 countries and the company is seeing promising conversion rates at up to 90 per cent. To make it easy for developers, social media giant will not institute any SMS charges till August 2018, the company said in a statement. Account Kit is complementary to Facebook Login, giving people the choice to sign in with their phone numbers or email addresses without the need for a password or a Facebook account. "We will not institute any SMS charges through August 2018, at which point standard SMS rates may apply for apps exceeding 100K SMS confirmation messages per month," Facebook said. Facebook said it is also building features to rely less heavily on SMS as a confirmation mechanism to offer a better consumer experience and help lead to higher conversion rates.  The company also rolled out a way to reduce the file size of the solution. "By specifying only the languages you need in your build, unnecessary localisation strings will be removed, which can significantly reduce the size of your app," Facebook said.