Family fights for 35 million property ahead of legend's last farewell

The Boxing legend, 74, died on Friday of "septic shock due to unspecified natural causes".

He died in Arizona at 910 pm on Friday and plunged the entire world into grief and sadness, and now his lawyers have tough task distributing his vast fortune.

Ali was married four times and leaves 9 children, 7 daughters, 2 sons, and also had a brother, Rahaman Ali.

Lonnie being his fourth wife whom he married in 1986, will act as executor, but the family is already divided for property claim. According to, it's likely "to get messy".

The legend had a vast property of 35 million and was still earning between 3 million and 5 million a year through his deals with various companies like Electronic Arts and Addidas.

And this vast property will lead to protracted money battle between the family who are left behind.

Acrimony is also reported among the family members and Ali's fourth wife and Executor Lonnie,

Lonnie is also the person who forced Ali's brother Rahaman to move out of his mother's and live into a "modest flat".