Fans irritated as Jacqueline Fernandez was caught doing this at Sridevi’s funeral

New Delhi, March 1: Four days have passed since the Veteran actress Sridevi breathed her last in Dubai. The actress was cremated with state honors yesterday. To shower love and give respect there were a lot of fans who gathered around the place, also a lot of celebrities were seen there.

Her body was kept at the celebration sports club in Mumbai for people to pay their last respect to the legendary actress.

There were fans, irked by the behavior of Jacqueline Fernandez as she was spotted smiling when she arrived at the venue for the prayer meet. She was also photographed smiling and greeting people after she stepped out of her car.

Her actions didn’t go well among the fans that slammed her on twitter and accused her of going to Sridevi’s last rites with a smile. It was also said that she should respect the departed and that there was nothing to smile at.

The tweet stated “ If you don’t have respect for departed soul then avoid going for last rites just for the sake of media coverage. There was nothing to smile. #Sridevi was an institution of acting. A legend! Respect her.

Another twitter tweeted his thoughts and replies:” Sahi bole... Aur aise show off kar rahe hai jaise use ko dukhi hai. Sar par dupatta rakhna, phir hasna.” 

However a source informed that the Race 3 actress was just trying to be as normal as possible and she could never think of disrespecting the legendary actress who she admired the most. She also had earlier paid a musical tribute to Sridevi on her Instagram handle.

Her post had a caption written for Sridevi paying respect and her admiration was well stated “Today has been a daze for me.. So many things to digest... She went too soon.. I was always an admiring fan to her, she was always so gracious and kind to me... Her passing has taught me something… life is so short and fragile, every moment counts, this is not a rehearsal...there will never be anyone like her…RIP #sridevi.