Farhan Akhtar: 5 of His Best Magazine Covers

Actor, Director, Producer, Singer and a dancer par excellence. The handsome scion of the Akhtar clan has graced several magazine covers. The chocolatey/tanned skin (my weakness personally), the deep eyes, the imaginative brain and the composed character - all of which make him the complete man! 

He is a fitness freak and is forever giving fitness advise to everyone in the industry. Here are 5 of his best magazine covers: 


* Rolling Stone: Farhan Akhtar appeared on the Rolling Stone magazine issue of March 2016. Carrying forward the rocker look from his Rock On days of the heavy stubble and the unruly curls! The harmonica in his hands stating that he was definitely ready to entrance you, making you dance to his tunes! The Pide Piper of your dreams! 



* GQ: Jee-Sure! We love your casual-cool guy vibe that your giving off on the cover! it was for the November 2016 issue. He was making strides for himself as an artiste. Going from strength to strength! 


* L'Officiel: You thought Farhan was cool? Well we actually realized that he had a way cooler WIFE! British  born Adhuna Akhtar is a famous hair-stylist in her own right. They have worked together on several of Farhan's movies. They appeared together for the February 2014 issue. We got to see the personal side of Farhan - the then dedicated husband and father. Farhan and Adhuna interviewed about their love story and marriage in this issue.

* Brunch:  Hotness Alert! Farhan, either way, dressed or undressed, looks handsome! However, ladies, don't we prefer the bare-bod Farhan better, anyday! He turned up the heat on September 2017 issue. A towel-clad Farhan Akhtar is seen comfortable and completely owning up to the space exhibiting his perfectly crafted body. Confidence as well! 


* OK MAGAZINE: For the November 2011 issue, he was voted in the magazine as the sexitest dad - and he should be! He is very much a dedicated father to his girls - Shakya and Akira with Adhuna. He confessed that his daughters Shakya and Akira pick out his clothes on a daily basis and occasionally call him ‘popsalat’ instead of ‘paa’.