Farhan refuses to direct the sequel of 'Dil Chahta Hai'!

New Delhi, Sept 17: Everyone's favorite and blockbuster 'Dil Chahta Hai' has been most loved comedy-drama movies in Bollywood. Starring Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna, the story revolves around three best friends who have a different perception about life and love. 

The movie was indeed the directorial debut of Farhan Akhtar, winning a National Award. However, the reports about a sequel releasing were two years ago, and now the reports suggest that director, Farhan is in no mood or in plans for the sequel of his hit movie.

In a media confrontation, actor Farhan said "I have not really considered taking the film forward. I feel there were a certain energy, mood and a time in my life when 'Dil Chahta Hai' happened and that's why I wrote it, Now if I think of (a sequel), I will be forcing the issue. It is going to go from 'what I wanted to say' to now 'something more should be added'. What was great about it when it happened was there was no design. The minute we start thinking seriously that I have to do a sequel to it, then design comes into play. That is something I want to avoid. If ever suddenly the moment of eureka happens then maybe, who knows. But nothing as of now,"

He explained that unlike Don, Dil Chahta Hai cannot be put in a sequel "The story of 'Don' allows you to take the film forward. It is plot-driven. But a film like 'Dil Chahta Hai' is so much about the feel, the characters, the vibe of how people are."

The actor is currently awaiting the release of his latest film 'Lucknow Central', scheduled to release this Friday.