Faridkot active, new songs coming soon: Vocalist IP Singh

New Delhi:  There's been no new music for over two years, but Faridkot is "active as ever" and is ready to unleash new music, says IP Singh, vocalist of the Delhi-based band. The band, which is known for popular songs like "Mahi ve" and "Bijli", last released an album, "Phir Se?", in 2014, but Singh says that loyal fans of the band will soon be treated to more tunes soon. "First of all, we would like to thank all our fans for the love and support they have shown us over the last eight years. We want to assure them that there is no reason to be anxious, the band is as active as ever and we are constantly working on new music and shall serve our fans with new stuff really soon," Singh told IANS in an email interview. "To be honest we have about 10 to 12 tunes ready to us, but this time, we want to release them one by one, following the singles route. The work is in full swing and something will come out in a couple of months for sure," he added. Singh recently performed at the Delhi Summer Festival under the moniker IP Singh and the Singalongs. "This is my solo project in which we play renditions of old and classic tunes in our own style. It could vary from a three-piece acoustic setup to a full-blown band depending upon the gig requirement," he said. The band started its journey in 2008 and its members quickly made their name on the live circuit with their music. Looking at the music scene now, Singh says that it offers a "great nurturing atmosphere" for bands. "It is good to see so many new bands coming up and so many new venues coming up. I don't really want to compare the scene with eight years ago because it is an ever-evolving process but I am really just happy to see things thriving and young generation believing in themselves," he said. Although EDM (electronic dance music) has gained massive popularity in the country, Singh says that "trends change with time and the music prevails". "There are other great festivals like NH7 Weekender, Magnetic Fields, Escape Festival, Zero etc. which cater to both live and electronic music. In fact, rock 'n' roll is blending with electronic music so seamlessly these days that I find genres rather redundant," he noted. The band calls its genre "confused pop" and Singh says that it was intended to keep the music "always open-ended". "We never want to bind ourselves down to one kind of music... That's so boring and restrictive. We want to just make music, not thinking about what kind of music we are making, just honestly, and with love. Rest of the details are really not important," he said. Faridkot composed the title track for the film "Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene", which is directed by Gurmmeet Singh. How did the band's foray into Bollywood happen? "It just happened... One day we got a call from Gurmmeet Singh, the director of 'Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene', saying that he had heard our music and wanted us to make something for the film. We took the challenge and did what we do. It was an interesting experience to write a song for a particular situation," Singh said. And that's not all. Singh has also given his voice for the film "M Cream".  "In fact, I just sang another song titled 'Parindey' for this film called 'M Cream'. The film is about to release on July 22 and I am really looking forward to it," he added.