Fast and Furious 9 postponed to 2020!

Common, you moviemakers! You build our excitement like those hot volcanoes and then you totally defuse us like cold molten lava! 




Probably world’s most successful and biggest franchise, Fast and Furious, after the ginormous success of Fate of The Furious aka Fast and Furious 8, were all set for a ninth part. It was announced by Universal that the film will hit theatres on April 19, 2019, but according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the makers revealed that they have postponed it by a year. Fast and Furious 9 will now hit the screens on April 10, 2020, which is an Easter weekend.


The ninth instalment  will include its main cast with its lead star Vin Diesel, however, Dwayne Johnson’s return isn't yet confirmed.