Fatwa issued against Muslim women performing Ram Aarti

New Delhi, Oct 21: Let the hate-mongers get indulged in silly talks and try their level to disrobe the country of its beautiful secular fiber that it adorns with pride and sets an example to the world; but they can never succeed. They cannot succeed simply because since time immemorial  this has been the strength of India. India has embraced different cultures and traditions in its fold, and herein lies its strength. A beautiful example was seen when a bunch of Muslim ladies performed Aarti in Varanasi on th eve of Diwali.

Nazneen Ansari, who is working tirelessly to bridge the gap between Hindus and Muslims and stresses on the common cultural roots of the two communities says, " Shri Ram is our ancestor. We can change our name and religion, but how we can change our ancestor," she wondered adding, "Singing in praise of Lord Ram not only bridges the gap between Hindus and Muslms, but also reflects the generosity of Islam."

But Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband on Saturday issued a fatwa against Muslim women who performed 'aarti' on Diwali in Varanasi, saying that one cannot call oneself a Muslim if one bows before other gods and religion other than Islam.

"If anyone worships any god except Allah they don't remain Muslim-Ulema," a representative for the Islamic seminary told news agency ANI.