FENDI celebrates 90 years with fashion show in Rome

Rome: Italian luxury fashion house FENDI will celebrate 90 years of its existence by staging a unique event on July 7 which will include a never-seen-before fashion show at the iconic Trevi Fountain here. The Trevi Fountain will form a one-of-a-kind scenery for FENDI’s fashion show 'Legends and Fairy Tales' -- its water and play of lights will fuse with the catwalk rhythm. “A fashion show in Rome at the Trevi Fountain is the best way to celebrate FENDI’s 90 years anniversary as it expresses our roots and DNA while transmitting daring creativity and craftsmanship.  "The Trevi Fountain is a unique place and it represents FENDI's preservation of values, tradition and historic patronage while looking towards the future,” Pietro Beccari, FENDI Chairman and CEO, said in a statement. Founded in Rome 90 years ago, FENDI opened its first boutique in 1926 in Via del Plebiscito, featuring a small fur atelier and leather goods workshop. Still today, the luxury house hosts in-house ateliers, creative temples where highly-skilled artisans convey all their expertise to unique creations, all made in Italy.