Fiery Sushma will tear apart Pakistan at UN today

New Delhi: Fiery External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will expose Pakistan as a terror sponsor and human rights violator before the world leaders in her speech at the UN General Assembly today. She is expected to seek global support to brand Pakistan as a “terror state” and isolate the country completely. Her speech is scheduled for around 7pm IST.

Stage was her speech was set by PM Narendra Modi by calling Pakistan a “terror exporter”. Sushma will follow this up by telling the world how Pakistan is funding terror activities in India, especially in the Kashmir Valley. She will detail the Pakistani hand in the Uri and Pathankot attacks. Responding to Nawaz Sharif’s Kashmir rant, Sushma will tell the world about the atrocities Pakistan army is committing in Balochistan, and will also refer to the unrest in PoK.

To make the point that Pakistan is a pain for the entire world, Sushma will expose how Pakistan is fuelling trouble in Afghanistan and Bangladesh. To convince the global community, Sushma will highlight the point that India alone is not the victim of Pak-bred terror, but the Pak army trained terrorists are killing people across the globe.