Film music is down to its minimum: Palash Sen

Mumbai, July 7  (IANS) Euphoria's frontman Palash Sen  feels that film music is down to its minimum as in a year, hundreds of  songs are made and sadly India is being represented by those tracks."People  need to understand that film music is down to its minimum. In a year,  say 100 films release with at least six songs in each film. Our country  is being represented with those 600 songs, which I believe is very sad,"  said Palash, who visited the Hungama office here on Thursday to release  the video of the band's song, "Kabootar".During a Facebook  live chat with Soumini Paul, Vice President of Artist Aloud, a talent  and independent content platform, the singer also revealed that he  practices medicine as well but only for charity.The video of  "Kabootar" pays tribute to those suffering from mental illness. The  tagline at the end of the video, ‘Don't get mad, get even', urges people  to fight their demons before those demons have the power to consume  them.The song also conveys that individuals who are labelled "insane" are the only sane ones in this mad world.Sen went down memory lane and spoke about Euphoria's hit song "Maeri".He  said: "'Maeri' is a sad song and after its success, I realised that sad  songs sell the most. People loved this song for the very reason I wrote  it. Everybody at some point has lost a loved one and people connect to  that. This song was originally conceptualized by Jaideep Sahni as a  soldier dying on a battlefield on his mother's lap."