First look: 'Ittefaq' poster has a haunting look!

New Delhi, Oct 4: Abhay Chopra's upcoming Indian Hindi thriller film 'Ittefaq' had made many speculations about its release and storyline. The two actors, Sonakshi Sinha and Sidharth Malhotra gave their fans a glimpse of their upcoming flick by sharing the very first look and revealing a little about their characters.

Where Sonakshi tweeter her look and wrote “I’m a victim who got accused of being a criminal! Don't you want to hear my story?!? #IttefaqNov3 @S1dharthM #AkshayeKhanna.” , Siddharth, on the other hand, bought about an innocent touch to his character and tweeted “I am accused of a crime I did not commit! Wait for my story… #IttefaqNov3 @sonakshisinha #AkshayeKhanna.”  Sonakshi, however, pulls off a dramatic yet glamour look, Sidharth brings the doubtful trait and dons in bruised look. 



Not only this, the filmmakers did not leave an opportunity and Karan Johar shared Akshaye Khanna's individual poster and tweeted  “He trusts no one and suspects everyone! He only wants the TRUTH! #Ittefaq #3rdNOV @S1dharthM @sonakshisinha #akshaye.”

Directed by Abhay Chopra, the movie is indeed an adaption of 1969 Yash Chopra's movie starring Rajesh Khanna, Madan Puri, and Nanda. For this recreation, Sidharth will be seen playing Rajesh Khanna's role and Sonakshi will bring her best side playing Nanda's role. For Akshaye will be seen playing the cop, capturing Madan Puri's role.

The film is reported to be shot 50 days non-stop and is slated to release on November 3rd this year.