First look poster of the upcoming biopic 'Anna' released

New Delhi: The day when Jan Lokpal Bill was green-lit, the makers of the upcoming biopic 'ANNA' presented  the first look poster of the film. The movie is all set to release this October,2016.


About the film: 

The true story of the man of truth KISAN BABURAO HAZARE including all true events. This biopic includes the events and character that influenced Kisan, a struggling village boy with his own thoughts and questions of the purpose of life.

Kisan finds the answers and purpose of his life through several events and influential characters in his life. Kisan started  his Journey  from service to Indian Army as Driver and then finds his only selfless and inclusive purpose of working for People of village by inspiring them to stand for ourselves using the weapon of Anashan and Shramdan.

And Thus we get to know the Real Anna, fighting for the people of country against corruption at  Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. The whole story, from Kisan to Anna is told to us through each Ideals and Psyche of Anna presenting at what so called the second battle of Independence. This story of struggle, truth , battle inspires us to create more Anna intoday's times. This is the honest attempt to create the Inspiration through this film with the big heart.