Fitness isn't about six-pack abs: Akshay Kumar

Urging Indians to put health first, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, walked on Sunday for  Max Bupa Walk For Health 2018 here, said fitness is more about being overall fit rather than just six-pack abs.

At the Max Bupa Walk For Health 2018, Akshay power walked on a special machine to generate electricity.

The actor also stressed on the dual health benefits of the innovative machine on physical health and the environment by saving natural resources consumed in generating electricity.

"There is absolutely no excuse for ignoring one's health, we've got one body, one heart, one chance, lets live it like we're scared of losing it. Fitness is not about  six pack abs built from a bottle full of enhancers. Fitness is about becoming the best version of you, no matter what level you may be at, level 1 is better than 0," Akshay said in a statement.

"So, I urge one and all to respect the body God has gifted you with, and become the healthy person you have always wanted to be. I'm not asking anyone to spend lakhs on gym memberships. All I'm saying is make the most of what's around you. Let's be honest, walking doesnt cost," he added.

Its this mantra about fitness that has also contributed to his career spanning about three decades and he is fab at 50! He can currently be seen in Padman.