Five Arrested in the Apollo Hospital Kidney Racket

Five individuals have been arrested, consisting of two employees of the south Delhi Apollo Hospital, in an organ extracting scheme.

They are suspected of luring poor people, from all over India, to sell their kidneys for around 3-4 lakhs to further resell these organs for huge profits.

According to the police, upon being recruited, these people were brought to the private hospital in Delhi for further procedures. They were made to sign falsified documents and the doctors were then led to believe that these people were donating their kidneys to their relatives.

"The hospital has been a victim of a well-orchestrated operation to cheat patients and the hospital," an Apollo spokesman said. "We urge the police to take the strictest of action against all those involved," the spokesman added.

Police are also investigating transplant committee members at the hospital, as all institutions in India are required to have a committee which approves kidney transplants, according to R. P. Upadhyaya, the joint commissioner of Delhi Police.

Those committees are required to consist of health ministry officials and senior hospital staff. The police are also keeping other hospitals under their radar.

An incessant lack of transplant organs in the country is the cause of a lucrative black market emerging in trafficking.