Five bizarre 'food phobias'

A phobia is defined as the extreme or irrational fear of a thing, object or situation. While many people are scared of insects, height and even water, others are scared of various food items. Phobia of food, also known as 'Cibophobia', occurs due to a scarring experience with food poisoning or food allergies. Here are 5 bizarre food phobias that people might have without even knowing- -Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables

Lachanophobia comes from an intense anxiety about vegetables. While some people are afraid of accidentally swallowing a bug while eating the vegetable, others are scared that a vegetable might grow inside them. -Ichthyophobia – Fear of fish

Eating fish can be a challenging experience for some people as they might find the sight, smell and texture of fish to be terrifying. The cause of this disease may also come from the strong belief that fish are the cause of many illnesses or due to a scarring experience of scuba diving. -Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic

Garlic are considered to be an extreme turn off as Alliumphobes are petrified of the strong flavour and odor of garlic. -Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of Peanut Butter

The fear of the nuttty spread sticking to the roof of their mouth gives chills to some people. Their fear is often rooted in a more generalized phobia of choking or of sticky textures, but it can also occur alone. -Alektorophobia- Fear of chicken

Alektrophobes are deathly afraid of chicken and related products. People have persistent fear, which is usually caused due to an agressive behaviour by chickens or feelings triggered by their daily habits.  

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