Five Fun Facts about Jab We Met as it Completes 10 years!


A decade back, on October 26, 2007, the world was introduced to two disoriented people, entangled in the web of life. Geet, a chatterbox, running after a fantasy, enamored with supposedly the man of her dreams and Aditya, dismayed by the grooves of corporate life and family feuds, meet on a train. The story is their journey together - of discovery, bond, love and trust.  


Here are five facts about the film: 



1.Director Imtiaz Ali, known to pick the right actors, apparently wasn’t big on the idea of casting Shahid Kapoor as Aditya because he’d written him off as a ‘forgettable actor.’ How wrong was he. It was only after meeting him in person that he realized that Shahid had a hidden maturity that needed to be drawn out. 




2. Contrary to what was portrayed onscreen, Hotel Decent actually lives up to its name in real life and is quite a family-friendly place. The makers purposefully roughed up the place so as to give it the shady vibe. 







3. Continuing to demonstrate his lack of faith in his own lead actors, Imitiaz was similarly doubtful about Kareena Kapoor, but ended up casting her solely because she could do justice to the role.






4. As a promotional gimmick, before the release of the film, several local trains were decorated with imagery from the film and Shahid Kapoor himself was present within to interact with the crowds about his film.




5. Though Shahid and Kareena’s relationship went through the bender during the course of the shoot, they had to keep their personal issues aside so as to keep their onscreen chemistry going and made their breakup official only once the movie was in theatres.