Five myths about Solar Eclipse in India

New Delhi: A total Solar Eclipse will occur on March 9. The eclipse will be visible in most parts of India except the western and north-western part of the country.

The partial phase of the solar eclipse will being at 4:49 am in the morning, while the total phase will begin at 5:47 am.

The partial phase of the eclipse will end at 10:05 am. The total phase however will end at 9:08 am.

In India, the obscuration of the sun by the moon at the time of the greatest phase of partial eclipse will be around 15% in Agartala, 24.5% in Bhuwaneshwar, 11% in Guwahati, 18.5% in Kolkata, 12% in Patna, 49% in Port Blair and 12% in Silchar.

Ancient Indian mythology is full myths about the celestial event. While some cultures believe that two demons- Rahu and Ketu, swallow the sun, others believe that blowing the conch shells drives them away.

Here are five common myths surrounding solar eclipse in India:

- Solar eclipse are considered a bad omen and are often associated with death and destruction.

- Pregnant women are not allowed to go outside during the eclipse so that their babies are born without deformities.

- Many people do not cook food on the eclipse day, as they believe that food will become poisonous and impure.

- Some people take a dip in the holy rivers to cleanse themselves of ill effects of the eclipse.

- Many people believe that the sun is swallowed by demons. News24 Bureau