Five Nepalese injured in Kabul attack brought to Apollo hospital

New Delhi:  Five Nepalese guards, injured in a suicide attack in Kabul two days ago, are under treatment at the city-based Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, hospital authorities confirmed on Wednesday. "We have received five Nepalese patients who were working as private security guards in Kabul. They are being treated for blast-related injuries," a senior authority of Apollo told IANS. The injured Nepalese worked for private security company Sabre International to guard the Canadian embassy in Kabul.  On Monday, 12 Nepalese security guards were killed in a suicide blast targeting their minibus in Kabul. Nine other people were wounded, including five Nepalese and four Afghans.  The bodies of the 12 Nepalese guards killed were on Wednesday flew to Nepal in a special chartered flight.