Five of Abhishek's best films on his birthday!

Megastar Amitabh Bacchan often says that the luminosity of his stardom has eclipsed his son's presence in Bollywood. From the moment his son was born, he was a celebrity and he had to be sort of acquainted with the word from when he was very little. It is because his parents felt that shielding him from the inquisitive world would cause him much more agony. 

Amitabh has said, recollecting from his personal experience, Bachchan wrote, “I was born, Bachchan ji’s son .. A celebrity even before I knew to spell the word… Abhishek was born as Amitabh Bachchan’s son… A celebrity even before he could realize what it meant.”

However, Abhishek, in his fifteen year career, has fended for himself. Slogged and amazed us with good portrayls. His parents didn't launch him, he was thrown into the ocean to swim through the tides and the hurricanes and emerge a master of his craft. 

Thus, on his birthday, lets recollect five of his memorable portrayls: 




* Yuva: The character of Lallan Singh was a big change from the softy and the proper man that he was. It brought out the rustic charm that his face exuberates. He played a goon and lived for his own survival. From being hungry for power to protective his love, Abhishek's role was a revelation! The critics woke upto him! 





* Dhoom: The Dhoom series was conceptualized to create chills and thrills that the action adventures such as James Bond and Batman created in Hollywood. A gorgeous star-cast, a sly spy, an intelligent cop, a silly accomplice, stuff you read in comics back in your childhood, all that was brought to reality. Well crafted scenes, well crafted plot and well crafted bods! The sharp and sly side of Abhishek was refreshing and endearing! 





* Bunty Aur Babli: Jack and Jill, but recklessly sharp in their conquests. Abhishek handled the comedy genre quite well. An out and out entertainer, the film leads the viewer into believing that dreams don't have to be proper and morally acceptable. Happiness can be created when you are together, in love, and top-class swindlers!  Their schemes, the backdrop of the gullible middle-class India and then realizing that they had, had enough when they became parents. That's so relatable, because we could have smoked, drank, dated and conned people in our youth, yet we expect our kids to be noble and respectful. They hit home with that final scene.  






* Guru: Gurubhai se ladna hay, toh Gurubhai banke lado! What a lesson in life people! Climb the ladder of success in the most modest and respectful way, command respect only when you get to a position when people feel they can respect you. Until then, you ain't God.  The movie is all about the vision of a person – Gurukanth Desai (Abhishek Bachchan) & his efforts to realize the dream, trailblazing against all odds. Based on the life of Dhirubhai Ambani, truly was so. But, this is actually a movie about a simple guy ( an entrepreneur) trying to make it big in this world. This movie follows Guru's journey, starting from his teenage days; his first work in the petroleum industry in Turkey. As he grows older in age as well as in riches, he decides to start working for himself & begins his "bijjness"- His foundation stone & his first business takeover being his marriage with Sujatha (Aishwarya Rai). He steps into the big game and focuses on his own route in textile trading, through the weed-infested fields of the trading unions. His guts, his attitude towards success and his uncaring ways of getting around to his way with his money is what an astute and sharp entrepreneur is all about. Flanked by his innovative ideas & his sole will of realizing his dreams, he dares to foray into other areas, manufacturing polyester, producing chemicals etc. Abhishek brought him to life, depicting the essence and intentions of Dhirubhai. 


 * Sarkar: Ram Gopal Varma’s compelling, raging, family saga, loosely inspired by The Godfather is a sociological study of disturbance, power, honour and obligation, set on the mean streets of the country and dominated by a host of swaggering performances. His embattled clan is soon under threat by rival criminal individuals that combine family loyalty and blood ties with brutal and vengeful bloodletting in an attempt to overthrow the family. Abhishek played the character of Michael Corleone, very loyal, very obedient. Only, in this case, he was the good son studying abroad instead of Pacino's decorated army hero. By the time Sarkar happened to him, Abhishek had learned to delicately balance facial expressions, his projection of the son's quiet unquestioning loyalty towards his father's politics because he has to take it ahead in the future. So he better learn it the way he is familiar. Amitabh is the doting and ambitious father, Abhishek is the convincingly favourite, God-sent, blue-eyed son of his dreams. An endearing duo for sure. This movie, to conclude, should relieve Amitabh Bachchan's fears of towering over his son. Instead, he's carved his own niche, he's got his father's skills but he's become ABHISHEK bachchan rather than Abhishek BACHCHAN.